10 Weeks.

I have really enjoyed this class over the past 10 weeks!

I will admit, around 11:15 on Friday mornings, my excitement starts to dwindle.
But four hours is a REALLY long time.

Many of my teachers don’t fill me with confidence as to their actual knowledge on real-world subject matter.
But everything I learned in this class, I have actually run into in the real world!
I feel like I can actually work in Marketing and know what I am doing!
(As opposed to classes like Operations Management and Organizational Behavior; where all I remember is tears.)

The lectures seemed a little scattered at times;
But I didn’t mind because it usually got scattered when Teach got SUPER excited to show us something.
And it was cool because we were introduced to a lot of different tools and platforms, and we could dive into them on our own.
We weren’t forced to use programs that we didn’t understand or we didn’t like..
Just like in the real world!

I thought this class was great and fun.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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