Well, this is awkward.

According to the syllabus, grades are based on:

  • Attendance (Be present in class and on time)
    • I never missed a class – 100%
    • I was a couple minutes late a few times, though – 93%
    • Mornings are really hard, and every week I sat through the four-hour class without a coffee refill and without being sassy – 100%
  • Daily Reading and Blog Posts
    • I have a score of 10 on my blogs – 100%
    • I didn’t always read something new for my blog post – 90%
    • If I didn’t read something new, I posted something incredibly hilarious and/or entertaining – 100%
  • Individual, Team and Class Projects
    • I excel in everything I do – 100%
  • Project Quality and Performance
    • Our AIFF presentation wasn’t superb – 80%
    • Many people were difficult to get ahold of, so we kind of got a late start. Group projects suck. I’m not giving you an excuse. (Yes I am.)

If you average those percentages out, you get 93.58%
I’ll be modest, and round down.

93% for my final grade?
My GPA is 4.0;
Please be kind to me.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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