*UPDATED: The Farming Fish.

Last year, I lived on a YWAM base in Kona for awhile.

The base has a little farm, and they do Aquaponics, too!
I didn’t realize that there’s a place in Oregon that does it too!

If I remember correctly, I learned at the YWAM farm that aquaponic systems are pretty self-sufficient.
Because the water circulates through the plants and the fish and the other things they put in there,
The plants get all the nutrients they need without soil!
So you don’t really have to worry about pesticides and stuff, as much.
(There’s a chance that I’m making all of this up. But I think it’s correct.)

I loved the informative blog posts that The Farming Fish has on their website!
None of the pictures would load for me, but I think that’s because I’m using the wifi at a winery.
Or maybe they did load, and I’ve just had too much wine.

No one knows for sure.

I didn’t notice any of theย bad things on this website.

  • Broken links
  • Outdated blogs
  • Lack of info

I blame the Pinot.
(Did you catch that sick rhyme?)

In my defense, it also has to do with feeling.
When I looked at this site, I automatically felt instantly nostalgic.
I was thinking about the toddler I nannied, and the field trips we took to the aquaponic farm on sunny, Hawaiian days.

Damn feelings;
Making me look like an inattentive student.

Please enjoy this picture of me with Malachi (I call him ‘Tyrone’) at the farm in Kona;
The memory of which caused me to do a terrible job evaluating this website.


And here’s a picture of the Pinot that also contributed to this sub-par blog post.


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