Zapper Board.

This was a super exciting week for me!

At Million Air, we service military aircraft.
About a year ago, we started a board to collect patches from the military personal that come in.

I love it.
This is like my baby.
I ordered the board and designed the image/sign above it.
I know stories about so many of these patches,
Because it’s become a little personal for me.
I really have a soft spot for veterans and military personnel;
I’m so thankful for people who willingly sacrifice more than I will.

One patch on the board was in Afghanistan during Desert Storm.
That’s my favorite,
Because when I heard the story, my mind went crazy imaging all of the places that patch has been;
And all the things the soldier saw while he wore it.

The original reason for the board was to make a more personal experience for military when they came in.
(Our facility is super classy and swanky, so I imagine it’s not really comfortable to hang out in when you’re wearing your combat boots and desert camo.)
And so different troops could who else has been there.
Until now, as far as I know, all of these fun conversations about connections have happened over text or face-to-face around the Zapper Board.
I don’t get to play in that game.

This week, the vision of the Zapper Board came to maturity!


Military and my Zapper Board and the Instagram account I just set up for Million Air on Tuesday,
All in one picture.

It’s like the entire universe has worked together for all of history to culminate to this point.

I’m so excited, I don’t even know if this ramble makes sense.
It’s just so great.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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