Internet Marketing for Non-Profits.

My Top 10:

  1. Use social media as real-time marketing. Stay relevant and keep people talking about the organization in a good way (as much as possible.)
  2. Email marketing. Collect email addresses when possible and send out informative newsletters in a timely manner regarding changes, updates, and news about the organization.
  3. Blogs. Blogs give readers a feel for the culture of the organization and allow the organization to release information and content in a controlled space.
  4. Content marketing strategy. Set goals for marketing efforts evaluate whether or not those goals are being met.
  5. Target audience. Recognize who will actually be interested in the organization and target specifically to that group.
  6. Website. An updated and professional-looking website gives the organization credibility.
  7. Subscription forms. Make is easy for people to stay connected and follow what the organization is doing.
  8. Monitor brand and industry. Hunt around and see what is being said about the organization and others like it.
  9. Follow others. Watch what similar organizations are doing and follow their lead/learn from their mistakes.
  10. Drive traffic to website! Website is where the most organization-controlled content lives.
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