Online Reputation Management

I found this link: which seems pretty informative on this topic!

It says that Online Reputation Management is basically controlling what shows up when someone Googles (or uses any search engine) to find you or your company or your organization.

There is even a section on Emergency Tactics for Negative Comments!
The article says that you have three options:

  • Take it down
  • Bury it
  • Bump it

Personally, I think the best option is to reach out to the person leaving negative comments (if you can) and try to rectify the situation. Most reasonable people will respond well to feeling heard, and will probably remove the negative comment after everything is fixed. Or they might not remove it, but at least you know you did the right thing.

People understand that ‘People leave comments when they’re mad’ and people know about trolls.
If you are constantly and constantly delighting your customers, a few bad reviews every once in a while probably won’t hurt your business at all.
It is my belief that it’s fairly easy to tell the difference between an actual disgruntled customer and someone who is just making noise; and I believe that most potential customers will be able to distinguish between the two.

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