Amazon Customer Service.

Something happened.

I had free Amazon Prime with my RCC email;
And it expired.
And I forgot to cancel my membership before they charged my credit card!

I am a frugal son-of-a-gun and I do NOT want to pay $100 a year for anything.
Especially when I can now use my SOU email address to continue to get free Amazon Prime.

I panicked.

Dani: ‘I have to call Amazon.’
Co-Worker: ‘Yeah, good luck with that. You’ll be on the phone your whole lunch break.’
Dani: ‘Don’t say that. Ugh. There’s no phone number!’
Co-Worker: ‘This is going to be a nightmare. Get comfy. You’re about to be transferred to India.’
Dani: ‘Please, no.’

I found a phone number on Google.
I called Amazon.

Amazon Machine: ‘Hello. To confirm your identity, enter the last four numbers of your social.’
Dani: ‘To confirm? I never gave you my identity. Maybe I will give my account number next.’
Amazon Machine: ‘If you’re calling about your Amazon Prime membership, press 1.’
Dani: ‘Well that’s convenient. Pressing 1.’
Amazon Machine: ‘If you’re calling to cancel you Amazon Prime membership that was just renewed, and receive a full refund because you haven’t used any Prime benefits yet, press 1.’
Amazon Machine: ‘Thank you. You will receive a full refund to your credit card that was billed.’

‘That wasn’t horrific at all!’
– I shouted at my co-worker.

I just love Amazon.

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