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I actaully made a note to check the OG tags of one of Million Air’s pages after last week’s class!
When our sales guy sends the page link in an email, a preview pops up with outdated information, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it!
After learning about OG tags,
I thought, ‘That must be the answer!’

Then today at work, I was going to dig around in the website and do some checking.
But then sales told me, ‘Hey! It’s not showing that old info anymore!’

So it basically fixed itself.
And I still don’t know what was actually wrong.
So that’s frustrating.

But here’s more info on OG tags that I got from a blog!

This was in bold:
The tags can affect conversions and click-through rates hugely.
So that’s probably important.

Also, OG images should be 1200 pixels x 627 pixels to make it big and pretty on Facebook.

OG tags are very important when content is being shared,
And if you’re using WordPress and don’t have the appropriate plugins (there’s a fancy list on the blog I mentioned earlier)
You have to automatically add/change the image that you want for each page.

That’s what I know about OG tags, so far!

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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