Google Forms

Carly is my former manager and a close friend. 
She believes in me so much and it makes me so mad sometimes;
Because she always has these specific and audacious visions and goals that are so far beyond my skill level,
It makes me want to cry.

‘I believe in you, Dani!’ – she always says.
‘PLEASE STOP!’ – I whimper while choking back tears of stress and anxiety at her requests.

She is no longer my manager, and now works as a loan processor.
(I don’t know why she chose the path of mortgage lending. It doesn’t seem as cool as airplanes.)
But we are still besties.

Last night, we went for a walk together.
We then rewarded ourselves with cheese, vodka, and talk of work.

Carly: ‘I made these cute little cards to give to customers who have their loans approved. On one side is pictures of different styles of homes like ‘Craftsman’ and ‘Rustic’ and ‘Modern.’ On the other side is a little ‘get-to-know-you’ like, ‘favorite food’ ‘anniversary’ ‘kids birthdays.’ Stuff like that. Here’s my idea. I want to take this same design, but have it in an email. Like a customer survey. I asked our marketing department, and they told me to use SurveyMonkey. But that’s not what I want. I don’t want an email with a link in it. I want the interactive survey itself, to be the body of the email. Does that make sense?’
Dani: ‘Yes.’
Carly: ‘So you can do it?’
Dani: ‘Impossible.’
Carly: ‘…I believe in you?’
Carly: ‘Dani..’
Dani: ‘…’
Carly: ‘…’
Dani: ‘…have you tried Googling ‘Customer Survey Embedded in Email?’
Carly: ‘That’s a great idea.’
Dani: ‘Ugh. Fine. I’ll do it.’
Carly: ‘Did you find something?’
Dani: ‘No. This is dumb. Waaaaaaaaaaaait a hot second. GOOGLE FORMS?! What is this?
Carly: ‘You did it?!’
Dani: ‘Calm yourself, woman. Let me read this. Customer Survey, huh? I’ll click that. Ohhhhhhhh my heavens.’
Dani: ‘Oh this is multiple choice. That’s not what you want. OH MY. It can be a checkbox?!’
Dani: ‘You can’t put a different picture next to each checkbox, though. You couuuuuld make a collage though..and label the styles..’
Carly: ‘You’re seriously figuring this out?!’
Dani: ‘There’s a ‘short answer’ you could ask your questions too!’
Carly: ‘Our marketing department couldn’t help me at all with this and you have figured it out in less than two minutes.’
Dani: ‘Hold up, now. Let’s do a test here. Check you’re email.’
Dani: ‘Fill it out! Send it back! Let’s see what happens! IT GOES TO THIS CONVENIENT ‘RESPONSES’ TAB!’
Carly: ‘YOU’RE AMAZING! And it took you know time at all. If you actually spent time designing it, it could be even better!’
Dani: ‘I CAN DO ANYTHING! I probably should have made that look harder than it was… can I be paid by ‘project’, and not by ‘time’?’

I am fairly certain that Google Forms will change my life and I am so excited and I actually can’t stop talking about damn Google Forms because I think it’s just so incredible.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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