The Auction. Final Installment.

The auction is over!

I. Am. Relieved.
I’ve spent roughly 10 hours on the auction;
I also had an assistant who spent quite a few hours on it as well;
Asking for donations, picking them up, organizing them, etc.
She even did press for me!
(I’m trying to make this sound super impressive. She did an interview on KCMX with Craig Fronek on Friday because I was busy!)

I learned a lot about FB, that’s for sure!

  • Non-friends can’t comment on a personal post, even if it’s public.
  • Facebook doesn’t like it when you boost a whole album on a fan page. They’ll let you do it once, but not a second time, apparently.
  • You can’t edit the caption on a picture in a boosted album! Which is inconvenient when you typed the wrong starting bid.

In total we had 44 donations with starting bids ranging from $10 – $167
(I calculated the starting bid at 1/3 the value price.)
And we raised $______!!

That’s not TOO bad for a 5 day, FB auction.

Now the challenge is to get everyone to ACTUALLY donate the money they have committed to!

I’ve sent a FB message to each winner individually.
The message has a link where they can donate,
(There’s also a question that asks what they won. So I can make sure people are paying for the correct items before they pick them up!)
Then after they finalize their donations, they can message me back and arrange to pick up their item!

Here’s hoping the payment and pickup portions run smoothly as well.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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