Personalized Magazines.

So. This. Is. COOL.

TAM Airlines FB stalked all of it’s passengers on a flight and created a 100% customized inflight magazine for each passenger!
TAM did this by integrating FB Connect into the ticket purchasing process,
Which gave them access to likes and preferences and all the data!

Each magazine had a photo of that passenger on the cover, with their name!
“Every single article, photo and advert in the magazine was geared towards the passenger’s personal interests and life experiences. For example, the inside of the front cover showed the passenger’s name turned into a colour, and one page showed a montage of interesting things that happened on the day they were born.”

I think that is so awesome!
It totally shows that the airline company cares about customer service.
(They only did it for one flight, but still. It’s pretty cool.)
I would love to do something like this at Million Air someday,
But it’s a little tricky with the privacy and confidentiality concerns of some of our customers.

Some of the people associated with some of the smaller planes might think it’s pretty cool, though!

TAM uses Facebook profiles to personalize the inflight magazine for each passenger on Milan flight

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