Uber and Helicopters

I read that Uber is getting in on helicopters!

UberChopper and the coming age of helicopter ride sharing.

This is pretty cool.

It’s just like calling an Uber cab,
But much more expensive and way more exciting.

People are mad about it, of course, because helicopters can go pretty much everywhere;
Which means noise pollution can go pretty much anywhere.

We actually get quite a few calls from angry residents around the Rogue Valley when they feel that helicopters fly too low to the ground.
Angry residents ask us to share their concern and outrage with the helicopter pilots.
(Most of the time, we don’t even know the helicopter pilots they’re talking about.)

So it sounds like Uber has their work cut out for them on this one!
But, they’ve fought in battles before, and they always seem to do alright.

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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