New Hire

Recently I was brought into the hiring process at work,
So I think it’s interesting to hear about the hiring practices of other companies.

At our company, the hiring procedure is more corporate than just grabbing a beer;
Just because of the nature of the business and the culture that we try to maintain.
We do have a super fun orientation, though!
We buy the new hire’s snacks and lunch and even have a little surprise for them at the end.

I am taking a class right now where I had to submit my resume,
And I lost points because I didn’t put ‘2 or 4 or 6 relevant classes’ that I’ve taken.
I thought that was a little silly, because I had included a list of social media accounts I have run, websites I have built, and other relevant work that I have done in the real world.
Also, that’s not really something that I look for when evaluating resumes.
So I asked my supervisor his thoughts and he doesn’t look for ‘relevant classes’ on a resume either.

So what do you look for on resumes?
Do you stick to the 1-page rule?
Do you want to see an objective?
(I heard someone say once that they don’t like an objective. I thought that was silly as well!)

  • Dani 😉 🙂 😀

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