Mom and Marketer

I have always wanted to be a stay at home momma and have a million Jesus-Loving babies running around. Even in high school, I didn’t give a lot of thought to career paths or what I wanted to when I grew up, because I was convinced that I’d be married right out of high school and start having babies a year or two later. After high school, I went to cosmetology school (because braids and nail polish are fun, and it’s something that I could put on hold after I had babies, and get back into when the kiddos were old enough to go to school and I could get a part-time job.)

And then none of that happened.
Except the beauty school part. I did do that.
But none of the other stuff.

So I figured I’d just keep doing cosmetology and going to school until the babies and marriage things caught up to me.
Maybe I’d open my own salon in the mean time, who knows.

Then, on a fluke, I got into aviation.
Lord. Have. Mercy.

Five years later, I have an actual career and I really really like it.
Like, a lot.

I still want babies.
(I lose my dang mind every single time I see one. And if it has chunky cheeks? I start whimpering. And if I get to hold it? I may try to claim it as my own.)
But I’m not ready to give up my career for them, anymore.
Not in the super near future, anyway.

I love blogs, especially because she’s so open about making the transition from being a full-time mommy to being a working mommy and she gives an open and honest look at finding a balance between the two; and someday I might have to work on finding that same balance, or possibly working from home as a Marketer while raising babies!


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