Lo and Behold

Today I viewed Lo and Behold at the Ashland Independent Film Festival!

The film took an in-depth look at how our society and way of life has become increasingly dependent on the internet to function.

I enjoyed the film and found it to be really informative; however, the plot line bounced around a bit, and sometimes it took me a couple minutes to figure out what specific topic we had moved on to.

What I found most interesting out of the whole documentary was the section on people whose health is negatively impacted by the radioactivity of the technology we use everyday.
That specific section of film really made me stop and think about how little we actually know about how the technology we use affects us.
I also thought it was interesting when the commentators discussed how certain natural phenomenon, such as solar flares, can be critically detrimental to our technology, and life as the way we know it.
It’s crazy to think that we have all of this knowledge and technology that relies on a fair amount of consistency, but there is still so much that we have absolutely no control over.

I think it is important to keep in mind that all of these technological advances are so new, and there can still be so much that we don’t fully understand about the repercussions of them.

But I also tend to be a little old school;
So maybe I’m just overly paranoid of the things that I don’t fully understand.


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