Data and Customer Service

I work for Million Air Medford.
The company makes money selling fuel;
But our actual product is customer service.

How do we provide such high levels of customer service?!

I found a couple super helpful tips on about managing data and using it to strengthen the customer service your company can offer.

For instance, it’s imperative to get USEFUL data from customers. Not just any old tidbit about them.
Storing a pilot’s grandma’s phone number will probably never be worthwhile.

It’s not enough to just gather the information, you have to DO something with it!
Finding out that a pilot likes Pepsi instead of Coke is pointless information, unless you are going to buy him a Pepsi at his next arrival.

A really great idea mentioned in the blog, that we use at work, is rewarding employees for gathering and sorting customer data. We even have a handy, user-friendly database where all these preferences and different information can be stored, and then viewed and used by employees at every location throughout the chain to provide the same exceptional service, regardless of geographic location.

We also do a competition every month where employees are encouraged to send hand-written thank you cards to customers who have visited us. At the end of the month, the employee who sends the most cards receives a gift card!

After working at Million Air Medford for so long, I have come to value high levels of customer service in every interaction, and see how solid and reliable data plays a vital role in a service exchange with customers.

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