Aviation and Social Media

Aviation. Is. So. Cool.
I mean General aviation. Not commercial aviation.
(Well, Iโ€™m sure some people are fascinated by mass transportation air travel. But Iโ€™m not. I like the private stuff.)

Almost five years ago, I got a job in aviation as a customer service rep.
About two years ago, I was moved in Marketing for the same company.

I love finding blogs like www.aviationmentor.blogspot.com,
(specifically http://aviationmentor.blogspot.com/2015/12/delivering-new-airplane.html)
Because they give me an inside look at how people use aviation and why they love it!

Running social media for an aviation company, without having a ton of first-hand aviation experience myself, isnโ€™t easy. When I find candid information and blogs online, I have the ability to share them with our social media followers, and thus reach a niche of our customers that I would be unable to relate to, otherwise. This specific blog, for instance, allows me to better understand and target customers who use general aviation to purchase and sell small, experimental aircraft with my social media marketing efforts.

Every flight has a story, and every pilot has a vision;
As a Marketer in the aviation industry, hearing these stories and understanding these visions means that I can better market to them what they need and what the want at the optimal time!
And I get to see aviation from a different perspective;
Which is always super exciting.

(Also, Iโ€™m a sucker for some airplane pictures.)


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